Nic-Block – 1200 Bulk Cigarette Filters


Nic-Block – 1200 Bulk Cigarette Filters

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NICBLOCK was made for smokers who have attempted to quit, but don't want to lose the progress they've made on trying to quit. NICBLOCK also helps those smokers who are not actively trying to quit, but rather are trying to cut-back. NIC BLOCK reduces over 90% of tar and cigarette chemicals without changing a smoker's daily smoking routine. Overall, NIC BLOCK helps and assists smokers to lower their Nicotine intake notably better than Nicotine patches, chewing Nicotine gum or other types of cessation inhalers.

  • NIC-BLOCK results are guaranteed – from the first smoked cigarette!
  • NIC-BLOCK reduces tar and nicotine. (Approx. 90%)
  • NIC-BLOCK costs less money than other cessation methods.

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Product Description

NicBlock 1200 – This product is a bulk bag which contains 300 cigarette filters.

NIC-BLOCK is a patented pressure filter that can be used as a smoking cessation product with any cigarette. It reduces the harmful tar and additives in the cigarette by 90% without affecting the taste of the cigarette.

The key to the success of NICBLOCK cigarette filters is the special manufactured design of the NIC BLOCK cigarette filter (aka a cigarette filtration system) AND the small internal yellow colored plastic cartridge. How does it work? When a smoker inhales or takes a drag off a cigarette through the NICBLOCK filter tip attached to the cigarette paper filter – the harmful cigarette smoke enters through the NIC BLOCK small airholes inside the plastic yellow colored cartridge which results in a majority of the hazardous chemicals including the cigarette tar are subsequently trapped inside the NICBLOCK small plastic cigarette filter container.


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